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Our key retail brands are Euronics and Kasa.cz in the Czech Republic and Hej.sk in Slovakia. Newly, in 2017 a retail brand Datart became another important brand in our portfolio. Kasa.cz and Hej.sk were set up as internet shops, Datart and Euronics have always served as an electronics retailer chain, currently counting 156 retailers.

Our mission is to constantly update our brands, represent modern retail chains which offers a consistent range of goods and services to final customers. We reached a strong position in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and gained plenty of satisfied customers due to our quality goods for the best prices.



A chain of specialized electronics retailers, pick-up points and e-shops in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with modern warehouses and additional services for our customers.




A chain of our own electronics retailers, e-shop with personal pick-up and many services for our customers.




One of the biggest e-shops in the Czech Republic with free personal pick-up at Kasapoints.




Slovak e-shop with 18 retailers and the best ranking in the country.  


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