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The key retail brands are Euronics and Kasa.cz in the Czech Republic, and Hej.sk in Slovakia. While Kasa.cz and Hej.sk were established as e-shops, Euronics has always been a specialised electrical stores network, which currently includes more then 120 stores.

We permanently develop EURONICS, Kasa.cz and Hej.sk brands as modern retail multi-channels with a strong position in the field of both brick-and-mortar and digital stores, this means in the environment where our today's customers are normally shopping.







More than 100  brick-and-mortar stores offering consumer electronics in more than 89 cities and villages in Czech Republic, with the option of online shopping and picking up the purchased goods in person.




E-shop with pick up KasaPoint in more than 90 places in Czech Republic.




Top rated Slovak e-shop with Hejhouse stores in Bratislava, Zvolen and Žilina, and a pick-up point in Senec.


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