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Cooperation in gastro with KNTB

The chef of LANTERNA HOTEL helps to enhance the catering of ZLÍN HOSPITAL

How to improve hospital meals? After a long struggle, Tomáš Baťa Regional Hospital in Zlín decided to cooperate with Pavel Václavík, a well-known and creative chef of LANTERNA HOTEL in Velké Karlovice. From now on, helping to enhance catering of the hospital will be his annual task at the beginning of each period. His mission will also include preparing interesting and useful workshops for the cooks. The patients and the staff of the hospital could first enjoy the meals on 18th May.

This is the first time LANTERNA HOTEL tried such cooperation. “We liked the idea, it’s beneficial, and it’s an interesting challenge. We appreciated being involved in such attempts. We believe that there is some space for modern cuisine in hospitals if there are efforts to do something about it.” Tomáš Blabla, CEO of VALACHY RESORT says, of which LANTERNA HOTEL is a part.