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Our wholesale distribution network offers a complete solution for our wholesale customers, and excellence and precision of our services.

HP TRONIC wholesale trade is based on marketing activities represented by PROTON brand and on distribution network of ETA, Hyundai, GoGen and JVC brands, for which HP TRONIC works as an exclusive wholesale distributor.


What do we offer to our wholesale partners?

> A complete assortment of home appliances, audio and video products, cameras, mobile phones, computers and accessories, and a wide range of house & garden products, supplies for pets, sports equipment, toys, etc.

> Storage and distribution to stores

> Online ordering system

> Supporting sales team

> Advertisement in Proton leaflets

> Loyalty programme

> Fairs organised twice a year to meet our products in person



PROTON – a network of independent vendors of electrical goods that operates in the Czech Republic, offering hundreds of home appliances and electronic products at extraordinarily favourable prices every month via PROTON leaflet.





We operate Home Delivery Service (HDS), which provides a reliable transport of the goods to any predetermined destination, with accurate information about the shipment movement.

We offer this service via Kasa.cz, Euronics.cz and Hej.sk e-shops.