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What are CO2 cartridges? 

It is an universal pressure container intended for soda makers of all brands, which can be used for this type of  pressure container, such as ETA, Bublimo, Sodastream, Soda Fresh, Limo Bar or Česká soda.


Why CO2 cartridges should be used?

We guarantee that the pressure container and the filled CO2 gas are wholesome. CO2 cartridges employs inner Z1 coating, preventing CO2 from absorbing metal odour and taste. Special inner epoxy sheathing prevents undesirable contact with aluminium. Each pressure container is regularly checked according to EU regulations and the applicable legal rules of the country of sale. Inspections and tests are performed by a certified company.


What is their service life?

The pressure container capacity is sufficient to saturate up to 85 litres of water – depending on the manner of utilisation and the appliance type.


What is their price?

The pressure container with CO2 cartridge is returnable and the deposit is CZK 50. The container can be newly filled at a price of CZK 149. In the store, you can get a new full container at a price of CZK 199. In case of return, you will be paid the whole deposit of CZK 50 per cartridge.


Would you like to become a vendor of CO2 cartridges?

Contact us: +420 577 055 161


Where can CO2 cartridges be bought?

You can buy and fill the cartridges in the network of authorised stores:


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